Sunday, May 29, 2011


Okay, so we have a million magnets on our refrigerator. We get them when we go on vacations. The boys make them at school. We have "Fridge Phonics." Doesn't everybody? Anyway, these little babies serve a purpose. They hold lunch menus, art work, ball schedules, coupons, and appointment cards. Our refrigerator is a bulletin board! Harrison, my 5 year old, is especially enamored with the magnets. He likes to make "words" with the plastic letters. He likes to hang his pictures up there, too. His favorite magnets are most definitely the ones we get from Disney World. He likes to put them on his toy plates and pass them out as cookies. So it was a sad day when he went to put Minnie Mouse back up next to her boyfriend, Mickey, and she just fell off face first into the rug. "Hey MOMMY!! The magnets quit sticking!!" This is what I heard from the kitchen. Upon serious investigation by Mommy and Hayden, the scientific 8 year old, it was determined that the magnet had fallen off the back and was nowhere to be found. Harrison shook his little head and said, "Now it's no good." But Hayden, had a wonderful idea. "We can use it for something else." Harrison's big brown eyes lit up. "You can use it on one of your bows, Mommy!" Of course! Upcycling at its best. So I have made a super adorable, completely one of a kind Minnie Mouse hair bow. It is made with some awesome ribbon ordered from my sweet friend Jena, and a repurposed magnet purchased on a vacation past from Disney World itself. Which is most definitely our Happiest Place on Earth. I hope you like it! You can find it on Ebay right now :)

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