Sunday, January 30, 2011

Like I said... I love to craft :)

Okay so, I love to craft and create. As if bows aren't enough, lol, I have come across something else that I love a whole bunch, too! Waldorf-Inspired dolls! These little cuties are handmade with all natural materials. The outer fabric used for the doll's skin is 100% cotton. They are very tightly stuffed with pure wool stuffing. The hair is merino wool that has been handspun and hand dyed with natural dyes. After obsessively looking at other people's creations for a month, I decided I would try my hand a making one of my very own! I wanted a funky little Diva, so I shopped around for the perfect rainbow colored yarn for her hair. No, I did not dye it myself! I am totally not that crafty, yet! Here is my little creation. I have not named her either, so offer suggestions! I hand embroidered her face and blushed her little cheeks myself. I didn't make her clothes, but I bought them from some extremely talented ladies on Etsy. So everything you see here is completely handmade :) I have a niece coming into the world in just a couple of weeks. I am planning on making her a very special friend who will last a lifetime :)


  1. WWWWWHHHHAAATTTTT!!!!???? This is so insanely cute!!!! You are AWESOME

  2. Thank you Allison! You are the most awesome, though! :)